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All day hydration

Hugger's Spill Free Water Bottle - 350ml

Keeping children hydrated with enough water during the day is a top priority for parents. Storing that water in a bottle free of toxic chemicals like BPA and PVC is just as vital too. Hugger's bottles are made from food safe TRITON which is not only free of harmful chemicals that can leach into water, the material is very strong with a high heat resistance.


We know kids don't really think too much about where they put their bottles down, so they can pick up dirt and dust easily. Thankfully, our bottles come with a spill free dust cap that flips open with the flick of a thumb to keep the soft drinking straw clean. Should the bottle be knocked over, it won't spill out juice all over a car seat! 

Hydration, Kids Water Bottles, BPA Free Water Bottles