Organised on the go

Hugger's Diaper Backpack Collection

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Anyone who has gone through parenting for the first time knows that if you are not organised or prepared, then things can get very frustrating. Simply not being able to find a wet wipe or quickly grab a bottle of warm water to mix milk with for your hungry baby is the usual scenario.


The best solution is to have a bag that can hold everything you need, and to organise it just how you want. Hugger's Diaper Backpacks give all the benefits of organisation and ease of carrying in stylish designs. And because we know babies love bright colours, we've added bright baby friendly pattern prints to the outside.  And for those parents with children old enough to use a backpack, we have matching combos so you'll look great together!

Our sizes range from medium to large, each one with multiple organises areas and includes a waterproof changing mat for those messy moments!